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Product Specification Paper Bag

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Paper sack kraft ( kraft sack) or paper Kraft bag ( kraft bag) is paper sack that is made from several ply of paper ( multiwall) without any woven laminated / woven lamination. Kraft paper sack can be mixed with inner plastikc PE or HD ( generally used by many industries) .

Also can be mixed with Plastic PE/ HD lamination ( Plastic Coated) . This bag generally used by organic powder product. While with Aluminium foil ( Kraft aluminium foil laminated bag) or metalize ( kraft metalize laminated bag) usually used by tea and coffe industry

Paper bag is strong enough to change fiber drum and more economic in many application.

Kraft paper sack scan be made with several types such as :

– Sewn Type

This paper bag is sewn type bag both at one bottom side ( sewn bottom open mouth) or sewn at two side ( top and bottom sewn) . Available with gusset or without gusset. For two sewn side , there is a hole at the top to used for filling of product.

This bag is commonly used by food product and many others product.

– Pasted Type

This paper bag type is paper bag that is glued at one bottom side , while the top side available with open mouth or with sewn type with a small hole at the top side to used for filling the products. This product available without gusset only.

This bag is commonly used by mortar product, food product and many others product.

– Tipe Valve ( valve type)

This type of paper sack is glued at two bottom and top side. At the top side is given a valve to used for filling product. This type available without gusset only.

This bag is commonly used by cement , mortar product and many others product.

Paper sack usually used in many type industries such as chemical powder products, powder product, coconut powder, animal feed, shrimps feed, bentonit, barite, coal, charcoal, activated carbon, carbon coal, activated carbon coal, cement, cacao powder, milk powder, tea product, sand, rice , fertilize product, food product, organic product, medicine powder, medicine product, glued powder, and many others.

The basic color of paper used to this paper bag is white and natural brown. Available in several color of printing or without printing.

We produce several size such as 49 X 80 Cm, 42 X 7 X 80 Cm, 40 X 9 X 80 Cm, 45 X 10 X 80 Cm, 45 X 7 X 80 Cm, 40 X 15 X 80 Cm, 45 X 13 X 80 Cm, 45 X 13 X 90 Cm, 49 X 72, 50 X 84, 40 X 15 X 75, 52 X 16 X 60, 60 X 100, 35 X 9 X 60, 49 X 70 Cm, 38 X11 X60, 38 X 11 X 70 and other size according to customer` s request.

Available in food grade or food contact quality.

Delivery time is about 3 weeks if printing or 2 weeks if without printing.

Payment system is negotiation

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