Open Registration Sinergia Surabaya

Open a New Registration for New Students and Transfer, for:
1. Independent School (3 x a week ) (IGCSE/”O”/”A” Level)
2. Homeschooling (International Curriculum Supported)
3. Learning Support (Weekend)

1. Preparation for university entarance in Indonesia with International curriculum (UI, UGM, ITB)
2. Study aboard
3. A Level, O Level, IGCSE preparation exam
4. Independent school International and National Curiculum
5. Homeschooling with International and National Curiculum
6. SAT preparation exam

a. Programming Synergistically
b. Independent School : Visit to Center
c. Homeschooling : Tutorial to Home
d. Distance Learning
e. Practical & Experiment
f. Community
g. Extracurricular
h. Flexible Time & More Qualified

For more information, please visit our center:

Jalan Pattimura Ruko Plasa Segi 8
Depan SCTV) A -853
Phone: 082132935585
Website :